One of the few versions that is tailored specifically for Crypto and optimized taking into account all the realities of the crypto market. Allows you to control the situation and not sit in a drawdown all day long. The price is also quite affordable and affordable for any trader.
Good mechanism for crypto. But why only 3 coins? I suggest making at least 10 coins in the next version. Now there are many promising crypto assets on the market, and if you add them to this EA, it will be a bomb!
I was surprised that this algorithm feels like a fish in water on the cryptocurrency. Because Bitcoin is generally difficult to forecast and technical analysis. On manual strategies, it is almost impossible to predict its behavior. Even hedge funds often lose on cryptocurrencies. But I have had a positive profit over the past six months. The deposit has been increased. The algorithm is profitable.
I want to leave my feedback. The purchase met my expectations. A serious project with a serious team. Stop being afraid to trade cryptocurrencies. Profits are pleasing to the eye. I recommended this advisor to my friend. The friend was pleased. I am calm about my future.
This license has balanced settings and shows good financial results. I also want to note well-chosen cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, ether and litecoin are good ingredients for a money cocktail. Trading on the news is also a nice bonus to this cocktail. As a result, this is the optimal algorithm in terms of price / quality ratio.
Hello! I would like to share my opinion on the use of ELM on real accounts. This algorithm meets all modern requirements. The performance is really great. With a metatrader, this EA shows excellent results. There are several trading modes that can be set depending on the market situation and preferences in exchange trading. I also want to note the wide variability of settings, which allows you to change the situation on the market in your favor. I believe that this is a reliable and effective tool for making money on cryptocurrency. Thanks to Jared for this opportunity!
Thanks to your version of Crypto, I have a new attitude towards bitcoin trading. Prior to purchasing this license, my results were unstable and I didn't know what to do about it. Manual trading in bitcoin also did not bring profit. Now everything has changed. I have an amount in my trading account that is $200 more than the cost of funds spent on the purchase of your Expert Advisor. This means that I am finally in profit.
Bought ELM_EA Crypto and Opti versions earlier this year, the flight is excellent. They complement each other perfectly, as deals in Opto version are not always there, unlike Crypto version (Btc opens deals almost every day), which of course can't help but please! In the nearest time I want to buy Metal version and then I will have full set!
God bless you!