ELM EA Metal 2.1

ELM EA Metal 2.1

ELM EA Metal​

  • Metatrader 5
  • Gold/USD, Silver/USD
  • 3 Accounts*
  • Any Broker
  • Work on Demo and Real
  • Access to private forum
  • Premium telegram support**
  • 14 day money back***
The crypto version and the metal version were not tested on real accounts, as well as optimized settings were not created for it. Currently, it is a beta version. You are advised to find the optimal settings yourself.

*The number of accounts on which the algorithm can be run at one point in time. The algorithm has no binding to the account owner’s name or trading account number.
**Premium - processing time from 1 minute to 8 hours on weekdays. Regular - processing time from a few hours to 48 hours on weekdays.
***For a refund, please read the licence agreement and refund policy
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4.18 star(s) 11 ratings

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    The development of this version 2.1 became one of the most protracted and difficult, as version...

Latest reviews

The version is working. There are a couple of interesting settings and modes. I like the hedge mode. There is income. Overall the impression of the product is good. There is nothing to complain about. I wish there were more pairs to work with, not just XAU and HAG.
The EA is able to determine the direction of the trend and keeps the trend well. News bursts do not knock him out of the market. Multi-timeframe is only good for him. He is not tied to any one timeframe, and this allows him to see the picture of what is happening in the market as a whole. That is, he sees the daily range, and in line with this range enters the deal, scalping in this direction. By adjusting the parameters of the author's risk, you can effectively increase the deposit. I went through about a dozen of the most diverse advisers for gold, and so far I have chosen this one.
I consider this license a successful development. It allows you to realize your dreams and desires. It is well known that gold is an asset that is difficult to predict, and only professionals manage to make money on it. I am not a professional, but with the help of this bot I was able to make a profit. So this license is universal and everyone can earn with it. From the first profit I bought myself a real gold bar.
Compared to other advisors that I have used, this bot has a clear algorithm of actions. He waits for certain market conditions and only after that enters the trade. We all know that gold is a very unpredictable and volatile asset, but thanks to the logic embedded in ELM , we neutralize the unpredictability of the yellow metal. As a result, the expectation is positive. The percentage of profitable trades exceeds losing ones. That is the difference in my favor. Profit in your pocket.
Gold is a great asset to make money if you have the right tool. For me, this adviser has become such a tool for making money. I admit, at first I was overcome by doubts, after all, gold is a very volatile asset and is very sensitive to any news. But this algorithm very accurately and timely opened a deal and closed it just as timely and accurately. During the consolidation in the market, I was worried that he would open a position and we would get stuck in a flat. However, not a single deal was opened during the flat. Trade only goes if there are strict conditions for entering the trade. If there are no such conditions on the market, there will be no transactions, which guarantees the safety of your deposit. Sometimes it seems to me that I bought the Grail from Jared for a rather ridiculous price.
The EA ELM Metal has bugs, it does not calculate the correct lot size, the EA has the same logic as ELM Pro, it just added the metal pairs. It is not worth 999 USD because there is nothing new. This could have been easily implemented in the ELM Pro version without making a separate EA for metal and charging more money.
I chose the metal version because of the ability to trade both gold and silver at the same time. I liked the news filter. I also want to note the ability of the algorithm to calculate and not open trades in a flat. I consider this to be critical, because before acquiring this Expert Advisor, flat brought me only losses and I did not know how to determine it. At the moment there is a profit on the account and I hope in January I will be able to recoup the cost of the adviser.
Hello Team

As i payd 1999$ For the PROFESIONAL ,
If i set my license and Key on the metal / Crypo version,
will it works ? or i need Buy each Model of the EA?

Thx good trade to all.
good morning everyone.
The Demo Metals is missing.
We want to test.
I myself do not know the results of this model.
Jared please make him available for MT4
Thanks to the developer for this version! I've been wanting to try metal trading for a long time.