ELM EA Professional  2.1

ELM EA Professional 2.1

ELM EA Professional​

  • Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5
  • 10 Accounts*
  • Any Broker
  • Work on Demo and Real
  • Forum
  • Premium telegram support**
  • 14 day money back***

*The number of accounts on which the algorithm can be run at one point in time. The algorithm has no binding to the account owner’s name or trading account number.
**Premium - processing time from 1 minute to 8 hours on weekdays. Regular - processing time from a few hours to 48 hours on weekdays.
***For a refund, please read the licence agreement and refund policy
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  1. Version 2.1

    The development of this version 2.1 became one of the most protracted and difficult, as version...

Latest reviews

After purchasing this version, I felt like a real professional in algorithmic trading. I have little experience, but without experience, with this adviser I started making money. It looks like you will soon have to say goodbye to your previous job and devote all your time to algorithmic trading.
Your bot for our hedge fund was just a godsend. Despite the abundance of offers on the market, we believe that we have made the right choice. Considering that we trade a large volume of funds, your hedge mode turned out to be the most optimal solution for us. We prefer a small number of transactions in a calm market, but hedging risks as much as possible. And your PRO version with the ability to work on 26 currency pairs suits us perfectly.
Reliable Expert Advisor with a unique algorithm that does not allow drawdowns. It is possible to select a trading mode. I also want to note the news filter. The adviser can earn on the news. With 26 pairs in a trade, the number of trades increases exponentially.
I have been on this forum for a long time, I tested both version 1.9 and version 2.1 on the demo, that is, I have something to compare with. Buying the PRO version was a completely conscious and thoughtful decision on my part. I hesitated for a long time to buy OPTI or PRO, but 6 pairs is not enough for me. All the same, when you have 26 assets in your work, the number and probability of profitable transactions increase. Practice proves it. My respect to the developer.
I have known algotrading for a long time and I have something to compare the ELM_EA with. Before buying this EA I had 5 free bots and 3 bots bought for money. I don't know how to use them, I just don't know how to use them. I was disappointed and devastated until one of my friends advised me to use ELM_EA. I was skeptical of this EA at first until I saw the long-awaited profit. Version 1.9 PRO is the best I've ever worked with on the stock market. I have days with negative sign too, you can not avoid it. But if I have a reliable broker and good VPS server, and most importantly the presence of ELM_EA on the chart, the profitable days are much more.
I have been using this license for a month now. At first, not everything went smoothly, there were problems with the settings for working with my broker, which Jared warned me about, since the broker was not on the recommended list. But then Jared sent me the set file settings and helped me personally set up the adviser on my account, for which I thank him very much. Once again, I was convinced that one should not neglect Jared's advice, since all his recommendations are aimed at maximizing the benefits of using an adviser.
This is the only EA you need to have financial freedom. It may seem very expensive but if you find a good honest broker and follow the recommendations from the developer you will be pleasantly surprised.
I have used it in real from late May this year and I already recovered all the money I have spent in buying it and then some. There is no difference between the demo results and real results in the demo accounts. The difference comes in live accounts when real live conditions of a broker come into play. But it is the best EA
I really like the way the Bot works, it's great
I bought the OPTI version and have never regretted it. I had a lot of different advisors, but all of them do not compare to ELM_EA. This is a real professional EA completely adapted to modern financial market. The most important thing for me is the ability to choose any of three modes of operation. The algorithm works like Swiss watch. I am thinking about buying version PRO.
A big green flag when doing business in a muddy industry like forex EAs, is first class support, service and product. If you found this needle in a haystack consider yourself blessed and lucky. Everyone else is still getting scammed and lost in the cyber-jungle.