ELM EA Professional

ELM EA Professional

ELM EA Professional 2.3​

  • Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5
  • 10 Accounts*
  • Any Broker
  • Work on Demo and Real
  • Forum
  • Premium telegram support**
  • 14 day money back***

*The number of accounts on which the algorithm can be run at one point in time. The algorithm has no binding to the account owner’s name or trading account number.
**Premium - processing time from 1 minute to 8 hours on weekdays. Regular - processing time from a few hours to 48 hours on weekdays.
***For a refund, please read the licence agreement and refund policy
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Latest reviews

I love working with this bot. The pricing for its use seems quite reasonable, and the profit received confirms its effectiveness. I would also note the regularity of updates, which indicates the developer’s continuous work to improve the product.

The support deserves special words of gratitude - professionalism and promptness in answering questions that arise make interaction with the bot much easier. This creates a positive user experience and confidence that the project is moving in the right direction. ELM_EA is currently the best bot I have used over the past few years

Overall, my experience confirms that this is a well-designed and reliable tool that is worth considering.
I love this EA. It is the most capable EA of over 1000 I’ve tested. I’ve also been using it exclusively for the last 9 months and have had it for 2 years now. The important thing to keep in consideration is that it does require certain conditions to work well, and if you sort it out properly, it will reward you. I’ve done 70% in a day when the Japanese interest rates first started rising, and just this week, I did 24% return on Thursday and 55% for the week. What you need to look for in a broker is complex. You could use a broker with forex spreads below 10 on the major pairs and commissions less than $7/lot round trip. Spreads can be up to 20, but below 10 is better,
A strong connection is also important. Your vps/broker combination should be connected at less than 3ms, but the lower the better. I typically connect from .75ms to 2ms on my best brokers.

Now, when you’re trading, it’s best to start with the triggers, (Tick Volume and Tick Pulse) low and get lots of trades on a demo account. It’s much easier to judge the trades when you have a lot of them than get very few trades with the settings high. Continue to work with the demo account and slowly raise the settings from the very low ones until you get to where you’re winning 70% or more.

Now, this is very important. You need to follow the experts tab on your trades. ELM gives you valuable insight into how good your broker is by showing you slippage and execution speed. For forex, you want to see a slippage of less than 3, but preferably 2 or less.. your execution time should be under 300ms on all (ELM Pro, Metal and Crypto). If you’re not getting these numbers, you can probably move on to another broker, or see if you can somehow get a quicker vps, one that’s closer to the broker servers and has a lower latency (which you can see on MetaTrader at the bottom right where you also see things like 500/0.5mb). It’s very important that your VPS location matches where your broker’s servers are. Most are in London or New York. I’ve had success with both TraderVPS and Chocoping. Your broker should be able to tell you where their servers are.

As for Crypto and Metal. If you’ve got all the above conditions met, fast broker connection, and fast execution times, then for Gold you’d like a spread under 25, but preferably under 15 during normal trading hours. For crypto, just look at bitcoin. if the Bitcoin spread is under 1000, that is great, but under 1500 is good enough and should mean that all the crypto spreads are good.. But always, keep an eye on the slippage and make sure your trades are being executed quickly. Under the most Goldilocks conditions, my trades execute with less than 1.0 slippage on forex but mostly 0, and my trades are executed under 30ms. If you can find this, you’ve found a great broker. They are very few and far between. But if you get trades like that, it is probably a true no dealing desk broker that is not manipulating your trades.

So to sum up, a good working broker which would probably be 10-25% return a month equates to forex major spreads under 20, commissions under $7, trade slippage under 3 on forex (crypto and metal slippage work differently because of the difference in price.), trade execution time under 300ms, and a broker connection less than 3.0ms. If you have those things from your broker, than you just need to work on getting all of the settings squared away, which Jared helps with.

Now, to get 40-100% return per month, and I have done it, you need the Goldilocks conditions. Connection speeds should be 1.5 ms or less. The commissions should be less than $7 on forex and free for Metal and Gold. Your spreads should be less than 10 on forex, less than 15 on Gold, and less than 1000 on Bitcoin. Your forex slippage should be under 2 every trade, and your execution times should be under 50ms. These last 2, as I said can be found under the experts tab when a trade opens. All of these things really work together to make for good trades. On the good brokers, I get 5-10 trades a day. On the Goldilocks brokers, I get 50-200 trades a day. Most lasting less than a minute.

Now when adjusting your triggers as stated above, keep making them smaller until you start seeing a few trades an hour during peak hours (both Euro/US markets open). If you’re getting lots of trades, but they aren’t winning or last a long time, start slowly raising the Tick Volume and Pulse. You know you’re getting close to good settings when most of your trades open up in the money. And when I say most, I mean 50% or more. I run with a tight trail stop on my trades, and many times, my trades open and immediately trigger the trail stop, so I’ve got a winning trade as soon as it opens. That happens about 30-40% of the time. But the majority of my trades are in the money at open and only need to move a little bit more to trigger the trail stop.. it’s best to make these adjustments during the busiest times of day and most volatile around news because those are times when trades should be opening. If you do them at quiet times, you won’t get any or enough trades to tell if your settings are good and may have to wait days to find out.

There is one last issue that I must bring up and that is it’s not unusual to go many days without trades. Especially if your broker is on the good side and not the Goldilocks side. Most trades are triggered around big movements, which usually happen around big news events. You’ll always get the most trades around big and especially unexpected news events. But if it’s a slow week or volatility is down in the markets, you probably will get no trades. This is not a bad thing. If you force the settings too low to get trades in these times, you’ll probably get very poor ones, losing ones that just stay on for a long period of time and have no real edge. It would be just luck whether they won or not. That’s not how the EA is designed right now. It is meant to get in and out of trades quickly. So if you see long standing trades that just wander around, it probably means you need to raise your Tick Volume and Tick Pulse settings.

I promise you that if you can find most of the things I’ve mentioned above, you’ve got an almost guaranteed winning ea on your hands. I hope since you now know what to look for and aren’t just trying brokers randomly, I’ve given you a blueprint to succeed with this ea like I have. I haven’t had losing months, but I have gone a long time when markets changed or something in my broker changed where I had to go back to a demo account and re-adjust the settings. But if you stay on it, the returns are unbelievable..

I’ve been using this ea for 2 years and Jared has been super helpful in helping me get an understanding of how to run it. He helped me just this week with a problem I was having with my Metal ea. I gave up on it 1 1/2 years ago because I didn’t understand how to get the best out of it. Now that I do, I came back to it and it wasn’t working. He got me fixed up in about 20 minutes. He’s not your average developer. I’ve never seen someone who’s so motivated to help others succeed. This EA is worth it.
- optimization for 26 currency pairs
- timely updates
- several modes
- a successful idea underlying the algorithm
- knowledge and understanding of the market by the algorithm developer
- presence of a forum
- qualified support
- ability to self-optimize settings
- Lack of possibility of free rental of VPS server
- A broker with good trading conditions is required
- You need a computer with a powerful processor
It turned out to disperse the starting deposit from 2000$ to 4000$ in 2 months. The market was active and this also played a role. But still, the algorithm also showed its best side. I took a risk and changed some parameters. But the risk paid off.
This license is a profit making tool. My profit was 3 monthly salaries ($2000). I will try ELM EA as my main source of income. According to my calculations, I will be able to reach an income equal to 6 monthly salaries ($ 4,000). To do this, I need to use this adviser as Jared advises. He knows how to make the right decision.
The CEO of the project personally helped me understand all the nuances and dispelled all my doubts about the effectiveness of this algorithm. Thanks to Jared's competence, my level of trust in this bot and in general in algorithmic trading has grown to the maximum. Payment went quickly and without problems. Technical support installed my version in the terminal and suggested the optimal settings. The algorithm fully met my expectations in real life. I am registered on the forum and feel like a full-fledged participant in this project. I know that if necessary, I will always get the necessary help and advice. Thanks guys for this scalper. This is the best scalper of 2023!
Hello ! I decided to leave my feedback about working with ELM on my real account, after the recent purchase of a licensed version. In my trading strategy, I use 4 different Expert Advisors. After some observations, I want to note the absence of drawdowns and the work of the news filter.

Another paramount moment for me is that this bot does not trade in a flat. Everything works according to strict rules, and the algorithm does not make empty trades.

To summarize: after several weeks of work, the result of the ELM work exceeds the efficiency of the other three. So I made the right choice when buying this algorithm.
After purchasing this version, I felt like a real professional in algorithmic trading. I have little experience, but without experience, with this adviser I started making money. It looks like you will soon have to say goodbye to your previous job and devote all your time to algorithmic trading.
Your bot for our hedge fund was just a godsend. Despite the abundance of offers on the market, we believe that we have made the right choice. Considering that we trade a large volume of funds, your hedge mode turned out to be the most optimal solution for us. We prefer a small number of transactions in a calm market, but hedging risks as much as possible. And your PRO version with the ability to work on 26 currency pairs suits us perfectly.
Reliable Expert Advisor with a unique algorithm that does not allow drawdowns. It is possible to select a trading mode. I also want to note the news filter. The adviser can earn on the news. With 26 pairs in a trade, the number of trades increases exponentially.