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    How to buy a ELM EA ?

    Brother, the most important thing is to download and test the adviser. Everything else takes a couple of minutes. All users of this forum have gone through this. You won't have any problems either.
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    Review Best Trading Day with ELM EA

    What surprises me most about this EA is that crosses show the biggest profit. It's usually always the other way around. Cross-country is generally difficult to saddle. As far as I know, other developers are afraid to deal with crosses at all. They use majors, metals. Pairs with the yen are...
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    -=Changelog=- And -=Upgrades =-

    Jared, what will be the experimental version? Will it be free or will you have to pay for it?
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    Manual Trading vs. EA Trading

    Why are you asking the question like that? I know several successful traders who trade with advisors and manually. I don't think one interferes with the other. I would look at it from a different angle. If you, for example, have purchased this advisor, you will have free time and finances that...
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    ELM EA Opti DEMO [MT5]

    I don't see any problems. Many forum users work with a license on the MT4 platform and earn good money. If you have found a broker with suitable trading conditions, use the version that works on MT4. This EA is optimized for both MT4 and MT5. I have worked with him on both platforms. The...
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    -=Changelog=- And -=Upgrades =-

    Hi Jared, what do you hear about new updates? When do you plan to release them? The last update was successful. I look forward to something new. Is it possible to count on sometime for a new version for indices or for stocks? This algorithm is universal. I think it can be adapted even for...
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    ELM_EA version Pro 2.1 working on FIX API account types

    Thanks for the info man, but this broker is ok, I didn't experience any problems while working. How did you find out about the plugin? This is the broker's internal information, and no one will give it to you just like that. I once contacted the MetaQuotes support company with a similar...
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    PASS 10k FTMO TRIAL - in less than 24 hours, low risk

    Hello, I controlled the accuracy of the signal with the volume tick parameter for a more accurate entry into the trade, thereby reducing the likelihood of losing trades and controlling the drawdown of the account. The most important thing in my system is risk minimization. The lower the risk...
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    PASS 10k FTMO TRIAL - in less than 24 hours, low risk

    Hello, I usually use the default settings, and as practice has shown, they are the most optimal. At least I got to the second level. If we talk about currency pairs, then these are majors, sometimes crosses.
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    PASS 10k FTMO TRIAL - in less than 24 hours, low risk

    If you are referring to a 5% daily drawdown limit, then these are common conditions in prop firms. They are known in advance and I am not surprised at anything. After all, you cannot drain the entire deposit. Trading days are different and it depends on many factors. For example, the first time...
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    PASS 10k FTMO TRIAL - in less than 24 hours, low risk

    I have stable results with this EA. I have already successfully moved to the next stage in FTMO. In principle, I did not doubt this algorithm, since I had an account opened with Tikmil for quite a long time. I had a lot of time to verify the reliability of this algorithm.
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    What currency pairs do you use when working with ELM_EA to get more profit?

    Guys, I think that each of us is right in our own way. The main thing is that there is a result. We are all traders, and profit is the main indicator for us. What difference does it make whether we trade or speculate. We are all doing the same thing. For example, I started with the OPTI version...
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    ELM EA does not open transactions

    Hi all. The number of trades for this advisor very often depends on the mode that you have selected in the settings. I used the hedge mode for a long time and the financial result suited me. Somehow the market was in a lull and I decided to change the mode to scalping. The first thing I noticed...
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    results of the licensed version of Pro/Opti 2.1"

    Hi, if you subscribe to Jared's telegram channels, you can quickly see that everything is growing positively. I personally tested the demo for several months, got positive results and bought a license. The most interesting thing is that in real life everything is also growing positively.
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    A couple of months ago I purchased a licensed version of Crypto. There was no demo version yet. I took a chance and just trusted Jared. Never regretted it. The Crypto version is just a bomb. I never thought that you can earn so much on bitcoin with the help of a bot.
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    New Forex Equilibrium Indicator

    Just after visiting this page, I am more and more in doubt that this is true. What guarantee can you give me about the profitability of your indicator? Why should I take your word for it?
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    New Forex Equilibrium Indicator

    I could not download anything from the link, and paid versions of unknown indicators do not interest me. Have you decided to arrange an online store here, it’s not clear why on sale? If you are selling something, then give detailed information, instead of beautiful words and pictures.
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    Result From 01.07 To 07.08 / 2022

    Hello Jared, the results of your Expert Advisor are impressive. I can’t even imagine what kind of brains it takes to develop all this. For me, it's kind of a miracle. To be honest, I don't have the money to buy the PRO version. But I'm thinking about the OPTI version. I would like to know your...
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    which presets to use?

    Bro throw a couple of screenshots look at what you have there for the problem. just pay attention to the errors in the tab expert, if you did something wrong, all the information will be there 100%. I think your problem is solvable.
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    What are the best settings for this bot? Do you provide several options for settings?