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  1. vicini

    ELM EA Professional

    Totally agree with you. ELM EA on Сrypto has already justified the investment made in it by 100%. I understand that you are a happy owner of a PRO license, and I have only one question for you: is 26 pairs not too many? Doesn't the terminal freeze when serious news comes out? How does the...
  2. vicini

    What is your opinion about this forum ?

    Jared, please make a section on the forum for advice and recommendations from users.
  3. vicini

    ELM crypto

    My results with the Crypto license are mixed. There is no month to month. Sometimes the monthly profit is +50% of the deposit, and sometimes it’s +15%. We managed to end November with a profit only by optimizing the settings. Moreover, due to the imbalance of the crypto market, the settings have...
  4. vicini

    demo differences

    Conclusions have been drawn! We want to buy this project. My contacts are in my account.
  5. vicini

    Fusion Markets

    Achab, I compared my profit on demo and real. Everything is not as pessimistic as you think. I get a ratio somewhere around 1:1. I once argued with Jared about this, but he said that there was no difference between the demo and the real thing. It turns out he's right.