Manual Trading vs. EA Trading

Peter Watson

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Feb 15, 2023
Hey! My name is Peter, how are you? :)
As a trader, I have always wondered why algorithmic trading is so popular? After all, there are a huge number of indicators, books, manuals, videos, trading systems for ordinary currency trading.
It would seem that everyone can open an account and start earning money by manually opening orders. But as statistics show, 90% of traders lose their deposit.
I think this is probably why more and more traders prefer algorithmic trading. It would be interesting to know the views of members of the forum on this issue.
Maybe someone will share his own story, how he started trading with an adviser and why:unsure:


Jun 6, 2016
Let me tell you my Forex trading story. I began to be interested in this topic about 7 years ago. Like everyone else, at first I used ready-made strategies for manual trading, which are full on the Internet. Naturally, the result was at best zero. Having gained some experience, I began to come up with some simple strategies of my own using conventional indicators, which are also abundant on the Internet in the public domain. I started to win sometimes. But unfortunately the results were still very unstable. This was naturally very annoying and depressing. All the same, it took almost all of my free time to develop my strategy. I bought several paid strategies for manual trading. Despite the good reviews on the Internet, I just threw money away. After analyzing my mistakes, I came to the conclusion that my problem lies in excessive emotionality. I often entered trades simply under the influence of emotions, instead of following the rules. Naturally, there was no question of any good result, since I still could not cope with my emotions. Once my friend told me about algorithmic trading and gave me a link to a couple of simple free advisers, the strategy of which was based on the principle of Martingale. In such a rather simple way, I got into algorithmic trading. But free cheese only happens in a mousetrap. Trade with the help of free "turkeys"
brought only moral satisfaction, since emotionally I was calm. The financial result was still zero. But about two years ago, on one of the forums, I came across information about ELM EA. Began to correspond with the developer, ask questions. After some time, I became the owner of the license. Today, without false modesty, I can say that I have a financial result and I am very happy about it. Thanks to Jared, I understood the difference between a regular free "dummy" and a serious professional algorithm. And I don’t even want to talk about trading manually. These are absolutely incomparable things. No wonder banks, hedge funds and market makers use automated trading systems like this one.
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