Memory consumption ELM 2.1 Pro V2.1


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Sep 25, 2021
Hey folks,

just yesterday I installed ELM V2.1 on my VPS after reading a lot of threads. As I understand, Jared suggests to load 1 chart per supported pair. I pre-filtered some pairs, which my broker has too high spread and ended with 16 pairs. As I took a look on task manager I recognized that almost 1.5GB ram was allocated by the MT5 process.
Hence I started to tweak some MT5 settings such as max bars in chart, etc. I also reduced the number of charts to now 13. This is what Resource Monitor states at the moment:

ImagePIDHard Faults/secCommit (KB)Working Set (KB)Shareable (KB) Private (KB)
terminal64.exe234001,351,0161,122,76473,704 1,049,060

This Chocoping VPS has in total 3GB menory and is basically fine with 1 instance of MT5 and ELM. However, I was thinking to have at least 2 to 3 instances on it, especially as CPU is a bit bored around 15%.
So, for those that are using ELM V2.1 pro version for a bit longer than me on MT5 and mybe also with my broker FP Markets, what are the most active and profitable pairs for you? I would reduce the number of charts as each appears to consume around 50 t0 100 MB of memory.

Please, all that are using MT4 with all supported pairs, what are your experiences on memory consumption?

Thanks for all answers!